Hungary not funny anymore

2014.03.02. 23:10 zaekyt

I am a blogger. I wrote a post about why I don't give a job. Don't bother clicking, it's in Hungarian, an extremely difficult language to understand. That blogpost made me kind of like a celeb, a blog hero or something. Fact is, that single blogpost generated half a million pageviews and 91141 Facebook likes in a matter of days. It was covered on national television, I was "the blogger of the week" at the biggest local blog provider (, and a whole bunch of responses were written by big names in the trade.

Newsmedia analysts were trying to figure out what made it such a big meme, out of the blue, from totally nothing, without any mainstream media promotion. People shared it like hell, on Facebook. Likes were rising by the hundreds every second. Like this: 30145, F5, 30359 ... These numbers are considered exceptionally high here, since it's a small country. I still don't understand why it grew so big either. It's a post about why I don't give a job in very simple terms. Basically, because of unbearable taxes, extremely bad work ethics and an extreme level of corruption that makes business impossible. I guess by accident I happened to articulate how terrible and hopeless millions of us good Hungarians feel about all this, in a way that my readers just couldn't express themselves.

Then I thought I would also want to blog in Hunglish, my bad English. Seriously, I was trying to mock all those nationalist, populist, corrupt, asshole, self-centered pricks who run this country. I was trying to keep my cool, blog it easy, you know.

But I can't go on like that.

Not anymore, because Hungary ain't no fun no more. So I deleted all my previous Hunglish posts, and now I'm starting over from scratch. Now I will cover what's happening here, in my strange style that stems from me being Hungarian and not being able to speak decent English. But I'll be dead serious. I'll try to make it interesting and relevant to you guys all over Europe and the whole world, really.

Because there's an important lesson here. And I'm going to try and express it.

Szólj hozzá!

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