The Hungarian Sillywalk

2014.03.02. 23:10 zaekyt

The weirdest thing I have ever seen (including everything Monty Python) has just happened on the streets of Budapest. With all due respect to Louis CK, I must say this was HILARIOUS. "The Hungarian people" were ... er ... impossible to say.

About ten thousand or one-hunded-thousand or four-hundred-thousand (or one million) perfectly absurd "Hungarian people" participated in the biggest black comedy performance in human history in Budapest, Hungary, the capital of "the Hungarian people". I'm sorry to confuse you, but I'm still in awe. And I can't wait until tommorow, because I know I will stay in awe for the rest of my life.

What was it?

It's very hard to explain. Basically it was one of those huge street demonstrations that happen in many unimportant countries such as Greece. But don't be fooled by the news coverage. It wasn't a simple "Occupy Budapest" style protest against almost everybody in the world except maybe China and Russia. News coverage can't picture this absurdity.

The official description of the event is: Peace Walk.

The number of participants:

News coverage: 10 000
Other news coverage: 100 000
Hungarian Ministry of Home Affairs: 400 000
Organisers of the Peace Walk: 1 000 000

(Population of Hungary: 10 000 000)

I told you that news reports about Hungary can be very confusing, but I will stick to the official facts. What we know so far is that 400 000 "Hungarian people" (a whopping 5% of the adult population) demonstrated on the streets protesting against ... er ... to show their support for their leader, PM Viktor Orban.

This is a photograph of the event:

You can see more pictures on Index, one huge Hungarian news portal. The text on the Hungarian flag reads: "WE WILL NOT BE A COLONY".


Some other signs from the Peace Walk:

"We love you Viktor!!"

"Gays are sick - they should be treated."

"Go for it Viktor Orbán!"


"Europe, don't hurt the Hungarians!!! You owe us a lot, don't forget that! We love our homeland and we will PROTECT its independence"


"IMF: 67 years old. USA: 236 years old. HUNGARY: 1116 years old."


Nothing interesting so far!

You already knew that Orban is a populist nationalist, who is celebrated like every decent dictator in any unimportant country. In fact it's even boring, you've seen a lot wilder stuff from Greece, North Korea, etc.

But can you believe these idiots who protest FOR Viktor Orban who is:


I mean Greece isn't absurd at all. That's completely normal. They don't want cutbacks, so they will protest against their government to PREVENT an IMF loan. That's fair enough. Extremely dumb, but not absurd. But how can you describe these "Hungarian people" who are celebrating their PM who is BEGGING THE IMF for a loan?

I mean sure, you CAN protest against the IMF, EU, USA, capitalism, etc. :-D And of course, it's perfectly OK to support a nationalist leader. But how can they support Orban, who's bringing in the IMF?! :-D I mean if you're AGAINST the IMF, you should NOT support a  guy, who's working on exactly that. :-D

I mean can you believe that this many people simply DO NOT KNOW that it's Orban who's asking for money? Seriously! This huge crowd - 400 000 people - is trying to protect Orban from the EU money attack! :-D :-D :-D They don't :-D even realize, :-D that :-) it's Orban who's asking for it :-D They :-D think ... OMG ... that you :-D want to FORCE your ... :-D money on Orban! :-D :D :D ROTFLMAO.



Dear IMF, dear EU,

Please force Viktor Orban to:

  1. personally,
  2. publicly

answer the following questions with YES / NO:

  • Are we forcing our money on you?
  • Are you asking for IMF money?
  • Do you want the USA to go away from Hungary?
  • Do you want Hungary to be independent from the EU?
  • Do you like gay people?

Please don't give him a penny unless he gives YES / NO answers to these questions! This must be among the conditions of an IMF loan. Because I really, really, really want to see the face of these 400 000 Peace Walkers when they hear Orban's answers. Then I would be soooooooooooo happy.

Szólj hozzá!

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