Whose business is my business?

2014.03.02. 23:10 zaekyt

This is another follow-up to the blogpost "This is why I don't give you a job". If you haven't read it, you should probably do so before reading this one. But - of course - you're free to do whatever you wish. I think you're a free person.

But is my apartment your business?

I told you, that I will not sell my apartment, and I will not invest the money. I told you honestly, simply, without the doubletalk. I told you the reason. I explained it in very simple terms. Yet, most of you folks didn't care enough to understand.

The State - and commenters - can make my business decisions if they want to. But not from my money. If they want me to follow their orders, give me the money to invest. Because if it's my business, then it's my business.

"But I would still give you a job despite everything stated previously."

This is one sentence from the blogpost I'm refering to. A very important one, yet most commenters didn't care to understand. I would create jobs, no matter how fucked up the environment is in Hungary for business. It's the corruption that's killing me. And most importantly as I stated as #4 on the list of my final reasons:

"Complaining about all this wouldn't help, no one would give a flying fuck."

No matter what I say, nothing happens. People write their comments about what I should change in my "business plan", what an asshole I am for not creating jobs for society, and everything continues to be what it was.

This is a recent comment on my Facebook page:

"Some companies lay off people just so they can keep their profits. We're not even talking about losses, only a reduction in profits. In most cases, it's worse for the owner/shareholders to simply dissolve the company, so they cut their  profit margin, keeping their workers (unless they're willing to pay the severance cost). And that's what's best for the people, which is whom the State serves, not business owners."

I only use this one as an example, there are tens of thousands of comments on my blogpost world-wide. Everybody keeps telling me, what I should do, how I should do it, who I should employ, why I should employ them, how I'm all wrong. This guy sums it up pretty well.

The State serves the people, not me. I see. The State doesn't serve business owners. I'm not "people". I'm not important; people are. Employees are important, I'm not. Now guess what. Then I won't play. The State can go and fuck itself.

And I'm not saying this to the State.

I'm saying this to the people. To the employees the State is "protecting". I'm skilled to recognize conmen. Folks, this State guy is acting like a vampire. The State is a conman. It's the State sucking out the blood from both of us. The employers and the employees too. Of course the vampire wants you employee folks to believe that the vampire is the employer. But it's a con.

It's a confidence trick.

When I don't pay you enough, it's not me who's sucking out your blood. It's in fact the conman. It's the vampire. It's the State. Look at me! I'm not sucking on your blood. I'm not corporation. I'm not big business. I'm just a regular guy. I'm people too. And if I don't employ you, I'm just acting like an employee. Employees don't employ people either. They shouldn't be so angry with me!

Don't you realize this is sick?

Aren't these things supposed to be my business? Am I really not the one to decide things about my own business? I warned you. I told you where all this leads. This leads to socialism. I know what I'm talking about, I was grown up in socialsm. I am perfectly skilled to recognize conmen. Those self-important, ignorant, incompetent guys who wouldn't survive a month in business competition. Those lazy bastards who don't know anything about risking everything you've got and work very hard and very efficiently every single day for the slight chance of making that American dream come true. Those people who think that my business is their business. Those pussies who would never dare risking any of their own money. Those who think it's their right to decide stuff about my business.

All I wanna say is that, they don't really care about us.

With all due respect to Michael Jackson, it's also possible to interpret his message as "we don't really care about them." We don't care about business people. We don't really care about corporations. We hate them. We hate banks. We hate brokers. We hate loans. We hate business. We think they're evil, enslaving people. This is bad...

Do you really want to hurt me?

Because I'm absolutely fine with this. I will alway be able to take care of myself. I will always be able to support myself and my family. In fact, I have a much better life without creating jobs. It's easy. I have time. If I was in business, I didn't have this jolly good time blogging away. I would be working now. For the people, and yes, for profit. It isn't supposed to be sin, or antisocial in any way. Profit is good. Profit is the blood of business. Without the profit, business dies. If you suck out the profit from business, what's left is a zombie called communism. I've seen its face and it's ugly.

I had a dream.

We business people talked to each other, and realized that the State serves the people, not us. We are not seen as people any more. We are perceived by people as their enemies. So we agreed, that we leave the country like in a flashmob. We don't wish to be enemies with the people any more. We decided that we leave them alone, and we all suddenly leave together, next Monday.

Only "the people" stayed in the country. State people, union people, political party people, civil rights people, journalist people, blogger people, media people. Banks, corporations, businesses are gone with the flashmob.

People suddenly realized, they are now free. They're not enslaved. They don't have to pay loans. Nobody can fire them. They don't need to campaign for regulations that tell businesses who they hire and who they don't. Business owners gave up the battle, and left with the flashmob. Business is now everybody's business.

Good luck people, enjoy your State.

My dream didn't continue with the story of the country we left. It's pretty obvious, I grew up in a country without the business people. We business people went to a deserted island to continue with our lives. We started with writing our own constitution. We defined things such as "we business people are also people", "it's our right not to employ people", "it's not an obligation to society to start a business", "profit is not a sin" and stuff like that. We established a new country we named it Business Island.

A few years later we had to protect our borders.

People wanted to move in to Business Island. They badly wanted to live their lives among us, business people. We had to finance a powerful army to protect us from the people. We didn't want them to move in and destroy our lives again. We didn't want to be dehumanized and hated yet again. So we thought, we were better off without the people. We thought, the whole world is theirs. They should stay protected in all those States where the State serves them. We don't want to serve them. We're not their slaves. We don't exist to serve people. We're business people. So we continued to protect our borders instead of protecting those people.

Then I woke up.



Cobb: What do you want?
Saito: Inception. Is it possible?
Arthur: Of course not.
Saito: If you can steal an idea, why can't you plant one there instead?
Arthur: Okay, this is me, planting an idea in your mind. I say: don't think about elephants. What are you thinking about?
Saito: Elephants?
Arthur: Right, but it's not your idea. The dreamer can always remember the genesis of the idea. True inspiration is impossible to fake.
Cobb: No, it's not.


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